About BeeMD

BeeMD is a software package for molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, including modeling, sampling, data analysis and visualization. It's a bundle of two core programs and some small tools, one of the core programs is Modar which is designed for modeling, running simulation and result analysis in command line mode, the other one is Movar which is GUI tool for modeling, visualization and MD trajectory analysis. The whole package is coded in C++/C language, and powered with OPENMP, CUDA, MPI Parallelization. BeeMD is free for any academic or nonprofit research. Currently the source code is not ready to be open for public yet and is available only for the developers, and we do welcome any academic group or independent researchers to join the development team to help us make it more powerful and more extendable. BeeMD is now maintained and pushed forward by the volunteers from worldwide. So BeeMD also reputes all those contributors, both developers and users, who work hard like bees.

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Last version Modar (binaries only)

Binaries only, please download the full package above first if you don't have.



Modar Energy profile viewer


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About BeeMD Logo

The logo of BeeMD is designed by Dr Weiyang Dai (QQ 501179547). We deeply appreciate his creative work.latest Nike release | Nike Shoes

BeeMD Development Team 招募自由开发者中



  1. 对MD开发感兴趣,学历不限,最好有比较扎实的数学、物理和C/C++语言基础;
  2. 现有的团队成员负责为新成员进行基础开发培训;
  3. 开发成果可自由用于学术研究和课题工作。


QQ群:  222316924

Email: support@beemd.org

Phone: 400 660 8656

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